Great! Build Items Bane Sick, The Pirate Mobile Legends

Bane, Hero Fighter Mobile Legends


Bane, Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Who doesn’t know Bane? Heroes ever in reworked this includes heroes fighter sick in Mobile Legends, you know. Just use the sick Bane build, the result will be GG!

Even though he was limping, the burst from Bane’s mouth had a lot of damage too!

Moreover, if the skin can issue a “catfish pond”, it is guaranteed that the opponent’s turret can immediately break easily.

To be optimal, Bane can use fighter emblem and retribution as spell to be one of the most important criteria, good to be fast and fast farming for sure.

Eits someone forgot, besides that, Bane needs build items it hurts too.

GridGames.ID will create build items it hurts, let’s just read the explanation.

Build Items Bane


Build Items Bane

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1. Demon Shoes

Bane needs a special shoe for this 720 which will increase by 30+ Where’s Regen?

2. Blade of Despair

Items attack this is perfect for Bane will give 170+ Physical ATK and 5% SPD Movement.

3. Endless Battle

Because Bane is a hero fighters, This item for 2470 will give you a lot profit from 65+ Physical ATK, 25+ Where’s Regen, 250+ HP, 5%+ SPD Movement, 15% lifesteal, and cooldown skills will be reduced by 15%+.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

Items attack for 2270 this will give Bane 60+ Physical ATK, 30+ magic RES, and 5%+ Lifesteal.

5. Berserker’s Fury

To make Bane more GG, this item has 65+ Physical ATK and 25% Crit Chance which can be purchased for 2350.

6. Immortality

Items defense for 2120 this will give Bane ” near death ” as well as 800 + HP and 40 + Magic RES.

Don’t forget to try it build items or gear this is it!


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