Gravity Game Link Launches Theme of Prontera in Indonesian

Amanda Rawles, Brand Ambassador for Ragnarok

Gravity Game Link

Amanda Rawles, Brand Ambassador for Ragnarok

GridGames.ID – Loyal players of the Ragnarok Online game will certainly not be foreign to the strains of music while in the game.

Ragnarok Online’s signature music that sticks out the most in our memories is when we were at Prontera.

Prontera is the name of the place for the capital of Rune Midgard in the game.



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This city is a gathering place for adventurers from all over the Rune Midgard continent.

In addition, Prontera is also the birthplace of jobs in Ragnarok so it is very memorable in the hearts of players.

Now, Gravity Game Link has now announced that it will launch the song Theme of Prontera, which will be available for the first time in Indonesia.

The original song, which was lifted from the BGM (Back Ground Music) of the Ragnarok game, will present a nostalgic feel from the Ragnarok Online game for players.

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