Gravity Game Link Launches PC Game Ragnarok: Forever Love in August

GridGames.ID – Again, Gravity Game Link is rumored to be launching the latest IP from Ragnarok, namely Ragnarok: Forever Love.

This game is a PC MMORPG game that comes with the latest Original Episode & Instance content.

Reportedly, this game will be officially launched in August 2022 in Indonesia.

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Before it’s officially launched, check out some explanations regarding the latest IP from this Ragnarok Online game, kuy!

1. Interface Display

Ragnarok's new interface: Forever Love

Ragnarok: Forever Love

Ragnarok’s new interface: Forever Love

Ragnarok: Forever Love will have a new interface that is fresher, cooler and of course it will make it easier for loyal RO players to play this game.

Well, for those who are afraid that they won’t be nostalgic because the User Interface has changed, you don’t need to worry.

The unique User Interface elements of Ragnarok Online will not change, really!


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