Gravity Announces New Ragnarok IP Titled Ragnarok Tactics

Pre-registration of Ragnarok Tactics


Pre-registration of Ragnarok Tactics

GridGames.ID – Ragnarok re-launch intellectual property (IP) is currently titled Ragnarok Tactics.

Ragnarok Tactics itself is classic game developed into game A strategy RPG created and developed by the creators of the Ragnarok Online game, Gravity.

Players can feel the unique atmosphere of Ragnarok and its unique features that you can find in this game.

As a character controlling a monster, you have to plan tactics to defeat your opponent.

With good tactics, you will be able to defeat even the strongest monsters.

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This game comes with an interesting feature called ‘Idle‘, where this feature is perfect for those of you who have little time and money allows you to keep doing farming without must login into the game.

Auto battle Ragnarok Tactics


Auto battle Ragnarok Tactics

So, you can stay connected with your friends all the time in this game.

Here are some excellent features of Ragnarok Tactics:


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