GoPay Arena Championship Grand Final Begins, There’s JKT48 and Pevita Pearce

GoPay Arena Championship Grand Final


GoPay Arena Championship Grand Final

GridGames.ID – Unconsciously, the GoPay Arena Championship has now reached the Grand Final round.

A total of 32 teams were selected from a total registrar of 7,631 amateur teams and 64 professional teams invited.

They have passed the elimination phase which is divided into two categories, namely the Open Qualifier for the public and the Invitation Qualifier for invitees.

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Unlike the qualification round, in this Grand Final round, the GoPay Arena Championship will feature a much more interesting series of activities.

First, it is definitely a match of the 3 most popular esports games today, namely PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Free Fire.

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Then, there was also an appearance from the famous guest star, JKT 48.

Then, a fun match which was enlivened by public figures and famous figures.

Starting from Captain Liong, Elhaminbooy, Grace Martha, Larissa Rochefort and Pevita Pearce as GoPay Gaming & entertainment Brand Ambassadors.

GoPay representatives will also participate in the fun match.

Unmitigated, the representative in question is the CEO of GoPay, Aldi Haryopratomo.

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