Goodbye, Onic Esports announces farewell to Matthew

Goodbye, Onic Esports says goodbye to Matthew.

Onic Esports said goodbye to one of the best players in the Indonesian PUBG Mobile scene. This separation has been expected for several months.

Matthew can be considered one of Onic’s frontmen from the beginning. He stood with Onic, grew up with Onic, and won a trophy with Onic.

It is not clear where Matthew will berth after this. However, according to the news in circulation, he is no longer playing as a professional player.

However, Matthew made a good impression and many achievements. What happened to The Spinners?

Knicks with Onic

You can’t underestimate Matthew’s nickname while still defending Onic. He is a player who has protected Onic from the beginning and has increased the fame of the team.

Matthew and his colleagues performed exceptionally well in 2022 PMPL ID Season 1. Although he was 15th in the regular season, he jumped to 3rd in the Grand Final.

This result is very impressive. Onic can outperform teams such as RRQ, Aerowolf and Alter Ego. Matthew also plays an important role as one of the team leaders.

Personal nickname

Even on a personal level, Matthew’s achievements are very impressive. His name, of course, became known on Onic in early 2022.

At that time, Onick managed to finish in 5th place and was qualified to represent Indonesia in the SEA Spring League.

Unfortunately, Matthew and Onick’s performance declined in PMPL ID Season 2.

His last nickname was to win the Ultimate Warrior Showdown in 2022.

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