Goodbye, GGWP.ID AoV Pro Team Officially Disbanded

GGWP ID AoV Pro Team Disbanded

On May 10, 2022, a surprising announcement was made by the CEO of GGWP.ID. Through a post “bye” on the AoV Indonesia facebook group, Ricky Setiawan farewell and thanks to all fans, connoisseurs and esports activists who have collaborated with GGWP.ID so far. In the post it was clearly written the reason why the GGWP ID AoV Pro Team disbanded, mainly because each core player had other dreams they wanted to achieve, outside of the GGWP.ID AoV Professional team.

Active up to ESL

Even though the GGWP.ID AoV Pro Team disbanded, Ricky Setiawan said through his post, GGWP.ID as one of the teams from some of the strongest pro AoV teams in Indonesia, will not stop just like that. GGWP.ID AoV will continue to compete to complete several tournaments they have participated in before. The tournaments are Kaskus Battleground and also ESL Indonesia. In addition, content creators from GGWP.ID will continue to produce works in the future, not affected by the disbandment of the GGWP.ID AoV Pro Team.

Goodbye Posts


Dear GGWP.ID fans, challengers, pro players, Arena of Valor fan community, As the first professional team in the Arena of Valor (AOV) game, GGWP.ID is proud to be part of the AOV big family. Within two years, GGWP.ID gave birth to dozens of professional players who are now playing in the Arena of Valor major leagues. GGWP.ID is also involved in pioneering the AOV community, both online and offline.

With the support of loyal fans and supporters, we also managed to become one of the strongest teams in AOV and won various competitions and tournaments in Indonesia. But over time, our core players had their own personal plans that they wanted to complete and decided to resign. from GGWP.ID.

Together with the resignation of the core team, today we are sad to announce the disbandment of the pro team GGWP.ID Arena of Valor. This disbandment has been planned for a long time. Loyal GGWP.ID fans have certainly caught the signals in our content since the early half of ASL Season 2.

We will not participate in ASL Season 3, but we will continue to compete and finish the Kaskus Battleground and ESL Indonesia which will be our last competition. GGWP.ID itself will not leave AOV. I personally as the CEO of GGWP.ID will continue to support the community as an Admin in the two largest AOV groups in Indonesia. The creators of GGWP.ID (Si Dulz, Jamaal, Silentman Yokoso, Leon) will also continue to work and entertain the AOV community.

This video is the last Journey video of GGWP.ID AOV:

Once again, thank you to all GGWP.ID fans, challengers, pro players, Arena of Valor fan community. In particular to:

– Aldi, CL, Qopzy, Dimo, and Sujah
– AOV GGWP.ID team manager and ex-manager Revin, Isa, Akbar, Bellix
– GGWP.ID fans
– Hans Saleh, CEO of Garena Indonesia
– Garena Indonesia AOV Team
– Tencent AOV Team
– Former GGWP.ID players:
1. Ibrahim Kamil (Kamil)
2. Wahyu Febri T (Plump)
3. Regi Kurniawan (NasiUduk)
4. Muhammad (Ahmad/Naitomea)
5. Eka Ady Putra (Raze)
6. Bagaskara (Bulldog)
7. Arif Rahman (Eunha)
8. Agung Budi Laksono (Abeel)
9. Ilham Aldiqri (cipengz)
10. Fernanda Yugi (Yugi)
11. Agung Prasetyo (Razor)
12. Faruk Jabet (Jabetoo)
13. Rashid Rida (Hermione)
14. Irdham Hilmansyah (Damskii)
15. Sultandyo Raihan (MythR)
16. yay (WyvorZ)
17. Yayan (BckDoor)
18. Viki (Viqi)
19. Rico (Rico)

Thank you,
Ricky Setiawan

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Video Jurney Pro Team GGWP ID AOV

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