Good news! Jakarta International Stadium will be operational by the end of 2022

LIMAPAGI – The Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), which is expected to be the new stadium of pride for the citizens of the capital, can be used until the end of 2022.

JIS project manager Arry Wibowo said that the development of the project, which PT Jakarta propertindo (Perseroda) or Jakpro is working on together with the KSO, which implements the JIS project, carried out a test in the stadium.

“One of the next milestones is the laying of grass” hybrid in the main field. Therefore, on Sunday, September 19, 2022, an attempt was made to install a grass pitch at the main stadium, ”said Arry in a written statement on Monday, September 20, 2022.

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Arry said that after testing the turf installation, it was hoped that the JIS main stadium could be played by the end of this year (playable).

“Before the grass is rolled out hybrid Further construction work had preceded the main field in order to strengthen the pitch structure and at the same time to meet FIFA standards. Therefore the work is not easy and must also be preceded by a trial with grass installation, “he said.

He explained that before the grass was laid, the main field was made up of split stones and the utility network below. This is a new technology in the construction of a football stadium.

“The point is that when it rains the field isn’t muddy because it can take it up in seconds. Then there is automatic irrigation via sprinklers to meet FIFA standards that we have to meet. Alhamdullilah, now we can do a trial installation, ”he explained.

In addition, said Arry, the main draw also has several structures, such as Geo textile fleece. That’s a guy Geotextiles unwoven, shaped like a cloth carpet.

“One of the advantages Geo textile fleece can let water through Geotextiles but soil particles are retained because Geo textile fleece has water permeable properties, ”said Arry.

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The stadium construction work currently includes the prefabricated construction of the east, south, west and north stands. Then the east, south and north sides of the perimeter girder formwork. As well as inclined girder formwork.

“Then it includes the work of laying drainage pipes, splitting stones, laying them Track beam, Installation Spaceframe outside, Handrail ramp West and East, plaster ceilings and French doors, “he said.

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