Goks! Will Smith and Kaisuke Honda Collaborate to Enter eSports Business

Will Smith is rumored to be an investor in E-Sports company, Gen G

Will Smith is rumored to be an investor in E-Sports company, Gen G

GridGames.ID – Who would have thought, after previously Will Smith and his family sat down with Apple to discuss environmental issues, now Will Smith is doing something surprising.

As reported by Nextren and Unique News, Will Smith becomes an investor in a company E-Sports.

Gen G, the parent company of Seoul Dynasty’s Overwatch League team and E-Sports League of Legends, Fortnite, Clash Royale, and so on, received funding from several investors.

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Gen G received funding of US $ 46 million.

Several popular names took part in the fund, including actor Will Smith, soccer player Keisuke Honda, and Los Angeles Clippers owner Dennis Wong.

In addition to these names, there are still some big names such as the former CEO of the American group Alibaba, Michael Zeisser, and the Co-founder of MasterClass David Rogier.

Will Smith and Keisuke Honda will team up with basketball player Chris Bosh to support Gen G in creative, advertising, consulting, to content creators.


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