Goks! This PS5 T-shirt has a more expensive price tag than the game console

GridGames.ID – A recent news came from the PS5 t-shirt whose price is said to be more expensive than the game console.

The possible cause of the high price of the PS5 shirt is because the maker is not arbitrary.

The party who made this PS5 shirt itself is a well-known fashion company from Spain, Balenciaga.

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Balenciaga is already known as a brand that produces various types of expensive and high-quality fashion items.

In fact, not infrequently Balenciaga also embeds luxury knick-knacks on its fashion products.

Now, Balenciaga is known to have collaborated with Sony to launch a t-shirt with the theme of the PlayStation 5 game console.

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The launch of the PS5 t-shirt was carried out by Balenciaga at a fashion exhibition entitled Afterworld: Age of Tomorrow.

Then, what does the PS5 shirt produced by Balenciaga look like?


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