Goks! Fortnite Will Soon Introduce Football Character Neymar Jr

Neymar who is currently defending PSG.


Neymar who is currently defending PSG.

GridGames.id – Epic Games is reportedly preparing the presence of the Brazilian and PSG football player character, Neymar Jr. in the Fortnite game.

The presence of Neymar Jr in this Fortnite game seems to emphasize the expansion of this Battle Royale game in the world of football.

Previously, Fortnite had collaborated with several major football clubs in the world to be present in this game in the form of skins.

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Fortnite itself is known quite often to present game characters adapted from superheroes to soccer players.

These characters are usually figures or characters who are popular and have many fans.

For example, there are characters from the Walking Dead series, Snake Eyes from the movie GI Joe, legendary footballer Pele, Baby Yoda, Marvel superheroes, and so on.

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Now, Epic Games is rumored to be bringing the popular footballer, Neymar Jr. to the Fortnite game.

Then, when will this Neymar Jr character be available in the Fortnite game?

From rumors circulating, Epic Games will present this Brazilian sports star in mid-March 2022.

However, the exact date of the presence of the Neymar Jr character in the Fortnite game has yet to be confirmed.

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Meanwhile, the presence of the 175 cm stature player is further strengthened by the star’s latest upload on his official Twitter account.

In his latest upload, he reposted the latest trailer post from Fortnite which showed the new character of this game.

Therefore, many people conclude that the newest Fortnite character that will be coming soon is Neymar Jr.

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So, that’s some interesting information related to rumors of the presence of the famous footballer, Neymar Jr. in the game Fortnite.

In the future, it is possible that more and more famous footballer characters will be presented by Epic Games in the Fortnite game.



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