Goks! EA Willing to Pay Rp. 14 Billion Ninja to Play Apex Legends

GridGames.ID – Electronic Arts (EA) reportedly paid a famous streamer named Ninja just for streaming and promoting Apex Legends.

Ninja or Tyler Blevins is streamer Popular Fortnite that has almost 13 million followers on Twitch and 21 million subscribers on YouTube.

Electronic Arts as developer Apex Legends is willing to pay Ninja for $1 million or around 14 billion rupiah.

Ninja also confirmed that he was paid by Electronic Arts to play Apex Legends, but he was reluctant to mention the amount.

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It’s not a big number for Ninja, because he also gets a salary of $ 500 thousand or about 7 billion rupiah from Twitch and YouTube every month.

It’s not just Ninjas who get paid Electronic Arts (EA) to play a game that has just been released this month.

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Electronics Arts pay streamer on Twitch like Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) and Myth (Ali Kabbani).

EA’s main goal is to pay streamer this is so much streamer others play Apex Legends and are better known on Twitch.


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