Gloo Wall Cobra Initiative skin leaks with free fire (FF)!

Gloo Wall Cobra Initiative skin leaks with free fire (FF)!

When the event approaches Opcode: Cobra, The leak about what exists at this event is widespread.

Previously, there was a leak with an MP40 Predator Cobraevo gunskin shaped like a cobra.Well, this time I found a leak on my skin again Gloo Wall Cobra Initiative.

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I’m sure you’re curious, right? This article describes the appearance of the skin.

Glue Wall Cobra Initiative

Skin Glue Wall Cobra FF
In-game Gloo Wall Cobra display

This leak on glow wall skin was obtained from Morpheo_OFC, a Free Fire data miner in Brazil.

From the images distributed, this Gloo Wall Cobra Initiative skin is very cool and intimidating.

This skin has a black and red color theme that matches the Project Cobra theme with the same color pattern.

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In front of the glue wall, you can see the shape of the cobra’s face with its mouth wide open.

Cobra’s face looks very scary. Players can use this to distract their opponents during battle.

We haven’t received official information from Garena about when this skin will be released, as it’s still a leak. But perhaps this skin is available from Operation Cobra events or the FF shop.

This is the skin leak from the Gloo Wall Cobra Initiative on Free Fire (FF).Don’t forget to visit SPIN website Follow your account for more information Instagram And Youtube we!

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