Give a Place for Girl Gamers, Nimo TV Holds ‘Queens Championship’

NimoTV Queens Championship (NQC)

NimoTV Queens Championship (NQC)

GridGames.ID – In this day and age, it is undeniable that female gamers have the same abilities as male gamers.

In fact, along with the development of the esports industry, female gamers are given a place to participate in testing their gaming skills through tournaments.

Likewise, Nimo TV has the initiative to organize a Mobile Legends tournament specifically for female gamers.

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Titled Nimo TV Queens Championship (NQC), this tournament will last for approximately one month.

This tournament also aims to provide a platform for female gamers, as well as give birth to new Mobile Legends players from all over Indonesia.

This is a form of Nimo TV’s support for the development of the esports ecosystem, especially for female gamers.

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“Nimo TV wants to give female gamers the same opportunity to show their skills and provide space to prove that female gamers can be recognized as equals as male gamers,” said Toby, PIC of Nimo TV Indonesia.

He also explained, NQC is a special content from Nimo TV to appreciate female gamers who like Mobile Legends games.


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