Give a New Gaming Experience, Melon Indonesia Collaborates with AirConsole

Melon Indonesia x AirConsole

Melon Indonesia x AirConsole

GridGames.ID – Telkom Indonesia and its subsidiary, Melon Indonesia, announced a new partnership with AirConsole.

For those who don’t know, AirConsole is a fast-growing gaming platform based in Zurich, Switzerland.

AirConsole itself has more than 170 local multiplayer games that gamers can play.

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The collaboration between the two of course aims to provide a new gaming experience to millions of home game players during the pandemic.

AirConsole provides a solution for gamers to forget about social distancing and create a sense of happiness.

With the AirConsole it allows gamers and non-gamers to be able to spend a fun time together on TV.

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Users can immediately enjoy it by downloading the AirConsole mobile application on their respective smartphones to be used as gamepads.

Apart from that, no additional hardware is required.


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