Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Monitor Has Officially Launched to the Public!

Gigabyte AORUS gaming monitor AORUS FV43U version

Gigabyte AORUS gaming monitor AORUS FV43U version

GridGames.ID – The latest news comes from the Gigabyte AORUS gaming monitor which was officially released to the public some time ago.

Gigabyte AORUS is released exclusively in one of the countries on the Asian continent, namely Malaysia.

According to Gigabyte, the reason Malaysia was chosen as the launch site for this gaming monitor is because the country is one of their biggest markets, especially in the Asian region.

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This gaming monitor itself has two kinds of model versions that users can choose from.

The two model versions of the Gigabyte AORUS gaming monitor are the AORUS FV43U and AORUS FI32Q.

Of course, each version of the model has its own advantages that make them different, especially in presenting the gaming experience.

Especially in terms of specifications, the two variants of the Gigabyte AORUS model have several different specifications.

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Then, what are the specifications of the two Gigabyte AORUS gaming monitor models?


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