Getting to Know the Role of the Initiator Character in Valorant, the Master of Attack Management

Sova, Agent of Valorant as Initiator


Sova, Agent of Valorant as Initiator

GridGames.ID – Previously, GridGames had discussed the two roles of the characters in Valorant, namely Duelist and Sentinel.

Well, for those who don’t know, you should first read the reviews of the two here (Duelist and Sentinel).

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This Kai, GridGames will again review the roles of other characters in the Valorant game, namely Initiator.

As the name implies, the Initiator has a role to initiate attacks that will be launched by the team.

Before the team enters the battle area, the Initiator is obliged to check the surrounding conditions.

If you already know the condition, then the Initiator can set the attack pattern that will be launched by the team.

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In addition, the Initiator can also act as support in a situation where the team is at war.

Some of the skills possessed by the Initiator character can be used to disrupt the opponent’s movement.

So, teammates who use Duelist characters, can immediately execute opponents easily.

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Currently, in Valorant, there are two characters or agents who have the role of Initiator, namely Sova and Breach.


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