Getting to know ‘CW’, the New Player of ONIC Esports in the Mobile Legends Division

Calvin Winata 'CW' Onic Esports

Doc. ONIC Esports

Calvin Winata ‘CW’ Onic Esports

GridGames.ID – Fans of the Mobile Legends game tournament, MPL ID, are certainly no stranger to one of Indonesia’s most famous teams, ONIC Esports.

The team with the Yellow Hedgehog logo won first place in the third season of the national scale tournament.

In fact, ONIC Esports has now successfully qualified for the fifth season of the MPL ID playoffs which will be held on 10-12 May 2022.

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The achievement of ONIC Esports in MPL ID S5 is inseparable from the roster who have extraordinary playing skills.

One of them is a new professional player who is no less great than other senior players.

He is Calvin Winata who has the in-game name ONIC CW.

CW has just joined as a professional esports athlete in Mobile Legends for the ONIC Esports team in 2022.

A professional athlete from Medan who is just exploring games Mobile legends since December 2022 have proven their playing performance in the MPL ID S5 tournament.

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CW who is currently 19 years old revealed passion His playing games have appeared since CW was a kid.

“I’ve always had a passion for playing games with the MOBA genre, starting with DotA, until I finally tried it analog mobile games AoV, and currently playing Mobile Legends. From passion and this hobby of mine finally in 2022 I decided to pursue a career in the world of esports as a professional player,” said CW.

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CW started his career in one of the Indonesian Esports teams in the games AoV.

In his career, CW managed to score various achievements, namely 1st place in the AoV National Championship, 1st place in the South East Asia Cyber ​​Arena, 1st place in the Axis AoV League Malaysia playoffs, to becoming Indonesia’s representative in the AoV International Championship in Vietnam.

These series of achievements finally motivated CW to try to explore the realm of games new and managed to join the Mobile Legends stage together with the Indonesian professional esports team, ONIC Esports.

“For me, it is an honor to be able to play for ONIC, because ONIC Esports is the first major esports team that has ever recruited me. Hopefully I can continue to show my best performance in the MPL Season 5 playoffs later and can give the best achievements for ONIC and Indonesia. Thank you also to SONIC who has always supported ONIC Esports, my message to friends who want to be pro player out there, stay disciplined to practice without leaving your obligations to study or work,” concluded CW.

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Starting its debut in MPL ID S5, CW has managed to get the KPG level (kills per game) is the highest that is equal to 9.7.

Not only that, after participating in 6 matches, he managed to get a total kill 58 points.

Even CW also managed to get the GPM level (gold per minute) is the largest with the number 887.

CW’s good performance is certainly supported by a rigorous training process before competing, including sharpening skills technical and strengthen chemistry playing with the ONIC team.


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