Get to know this Final Fantasy XVI hero!! Also Read The Latest Theories About This Game!

After more than a month since the announcement of the 16th main game project of the Final Fantasy franchise series, finally new info appears along with the opening of the website for this latest game. In the end, we are introduced to the Final Fantasy XVI hero, which we will follow in the story. Want to know more? Come read more!

This Final Fantasy XVI hero is named….

Clive Rosfield. Is the first child of the Archduke to Rosaria. With this name confirmation, it can be confirmed that the one who said “He is my brother…” was Clive himself, and this also ensures that his role in the game’s story is not only as a protective knight Joshua who can transform into Phoenix, but also as Joshua’s own older brother. .

final fantasy hero XVI-01

Aged 15 years at the beginning of the story, our Final Fantasy XVI hero is indeed very young compared to the main heroes who have existed in the previous series. However, he holds the title First Shield of Rosaria, a title he earned by winning a major tournament, and confirmed him as the protector of the Phoenix. Although in the future he will have a revenge mission against Ifrit.

Joshua is…

final fantasy hero XVI-02

As already written above, Joshua is the younger brother of our Final Fantasy XVI Hero. At only 5 years younger than his older brother, Joshua Rosfield is a Dominant Phoenix by birth. Described as someone who has doubts about his “talent”, Joshua views his older brother as a role model. And based on the latest info released by this website, there is a possibility that in the FF 16 story later, Joshua’s role will be quite large, and not end up dead like what was predicted when the first trailer was released.

One More Character To Know

Another character introduced for this Final Fantasy XVI game is Jill Warrick, whose appearance we saw when the first trailer showed Clive’s youth together with Joshua. A descendant of the now-defunct northern kingdom, Jill is a sign of peace between Rosaria and the north. However, his relationship with Clive and Joshua is very good, so that he becomes someone the two brothers trust.

final fantasy hero XVI-03

With Jill’s origin from the northern kingdom, could she possibly be Dominant Shiva? It is possible to see the resemblance of his face to Shiva’s face, as well as the possibility of the northern kingdom as a cold place. How will he help Clive as a Hero Final Fantasy XVI? And how big is his role in the story this time? Surely it will be something worth waiting for news.

Get to know a little about the World of Final Fantasy XVI

Not only about heroes Final Fantasy XVI, this time we will also get to know a little about the world that is the setting of this story.

With the name Valisthea, the world in this game is balanced by an object called the Mother Crystal which is a number of towering crystal mountains. Mother Crystal herself gave people Aether, which allowed them to use magick, and allowed them to live in luxury and comfort.

final fantasy hero XVI-04

With a name that relates to one part of a dragon (or perhaps referring to just a Drake), there is 5 Mother Crystal which is where several possessors of great power have resided around each of them. And with the appearance of a phenomenon called Blight, the pseudo-peace between the kingdoms seems to be coming to an end and their domination as well.

The Kingdoms That Exist in Valisthea

Apart from the Grand Duchy of Rosaria which is the kingdom of the Masters origin Final Fantasy In our XVI, there are 5 more regions that were introduced in the release of this website. Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Kingdom of Waloed, Dhalmekian Republic, Iron Kingdom and Crystalline Dominion. Among these five regions, the Iron Kingdom is Rosalia’s neighbor, and both take the aether from Drake’s Breath, the Mother Crystal that is the center of their area.

final fantasy hero XVI-05
Left: Grand Duchy of Rosalia Right: Iron Kingdom

In addition, it has also been confirmed that there will be 4 kingdoms that have Dominants, with another one that has been confirmed is Dhalmekian Republic with Titan as their Dominant. Two more that are confirmed to have Dominants are the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and the Kingdom of Waloed.

final fantasy hero XVI-06
left: Dhalmekian Republic Central: Holy Empire of Sanbreque right: Kingdom of Waloed

Unfortunately, these two countries have crossed out the info regarding their Dominant, so it is impossible to know for sure what their Dominant is. However, looking at the emblems of each country, it’s likely that Sanbreque will have Bahamut and Waloed has Odin. In addition, from the Crystaline Dominion symbol, it is certain that Sanbreque will have the element of wind and Waloed has the element of water, as can be seen from the placement of each country like the 4 Guardian Beasts in Chinese mythology.

final fantasy hero XVI-07
Crystalline Dominion

Dominant is…

As in the previous article, we have discussed a little about humans – special humans who become Dominant and are the symbol of the family, with the info about Clive and Joshua this time, it’s been confirmed that this is true. The Final Fantasy XVI hero himself will be on a revenge mission against Eikon of Ifrit, which means there is a Dominant for Ifrit. However, looking at the coat of arms of Sanbreque which seems to depict two Eikon (Bahamut and one more), there is a possibility that the dark theory about Clive’s Ifrit could be true, since both of them are from a fire elemental country.

Japanese trailer

And that’s him Mobidachi great information about the heroes of Final Fantasy XVI and others. What do you think about this game? Did any of your initial theories come true? Or are there new theories you have with this new info? Unfortunately, not all details can be written here, so for those of you who want to know more, you can go directly to Final Fantasy XVI official website this. Until further information, stay tuned on our website!

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