Get to know the term Hyper Carry in Mobile Legends and how to play it

GridGames.ID – Fans of the Mobile Legends game lately seem to hear the term “Hyper Carry” more often.

So, what is Hyper Carry?

For those of you who don’t know, Hyper Carry is a strategy where there is only one core or carry (the main damage dealer) in the team.

Meanwhile, the other 4 heroes only act as support.

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The origin of the emergence of Hyper Carry was when the Bigetron Alpha team, which was competing in MPL ID Season 5, applied this strategy to its game.

This Hyper Carry can be done with two types of formations, namely using 4 or 5 roaming items.

If you use 4 roaming items, the hero who becomes Hyper Carry doesn’t need to buy roaming items.

Example of using 4 roaming items when implementing Hyper Carry


Example of using 4 roaming items when implementing Hyper Carry

It’s different again if 5 roaming items, Hyper Carry heroes must buy the first roaming item and be followed by other players who become support.

However, if using 5 roaming items, every last hit on the lane must be obtained by the Hyper Carry.

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