Get to know the Google Penguin Algorithm: Impact and Functions

A few days ago we discussed algorithms Google Panda, now we turn to the algorithm Google Penguin. Algorithm Google this one is also very influential for website we. So, if we want to have SEO good, we have to pay attention to the algorithm Google Penguin this.

Google Penguin is one of the algorithms Google very familiar in the world SEO. This algorithm is also often associated with the name Blackhat SEO (SEO who commits fraud). Want to know more about Google Penguin?

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Get to know the Google Penguin

Google Penguin Algorithm

Google Penguin released on May 24, 2012, whose main purpose was to lower search engine rankings for website who violated the guidelines Google Webmaster. Google Penguin will alsofilter website who often do activities Blackhat SEO.

Blackhat SEO is an activity to boost website to always appear on the first page of search engines Google in a fraudulent way. Examples of activities Blackhat SEO that is, do Spam, Doorway Pages, Cloacking and many others.

If website you do Blackhat SEO, so Google will impose sanctions on website you. The sanction that often occurs is the number of pages indexed is reduced and will also affect the reader’s visit from the search engine to be reduced.

Website Traits Google Penguin Doesn’t Like

Google Penguin will have an impact on sanctions for website who committed the offence. We will tell you the features website who will be affected by the Google Penguin this. Here are the characteristics website what you don’t like Google Penguin:

1. Websites That Duplicate Content

Content Duplication

Duplicate content is two or more website pages that have the same title and description in one website. Duplicate content is a feature website what doesn’t like Google Penguin.

By duplicating content, creating website you are considered to be spam by the algorithm Google the. To optimize SEO you should avoid duplicate content, create content with your creativity so that there is no duplicate content.

2. Spam links

Spam Links

In raising internal bluiding link, each content will definitely be linked with other content. If link what comes out is irrelevant to your content, it will happen bad link. Definitely algorithm Google Penguin dislike link that is irrelevant.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

In creating content we create the name keywords, in this world SEO we will repeat keywords it in a content. Repeat function keywords It is intended that the presentation keyword density we go up.

That way the search engine Google will find our content very relevant to display because of the large number of keywords which we repeat on the content. But when keywords that we repeat too much, then automatically Google will consider it to be spam.

4. Cloacking or Sneaky Redirect

Cloacking and Sneakity redirect (Blackhat SEO activities)

Website who uses method Cloacking or Sneaky Redirect is one of the goals Google Penguin. In this way visitors who will read our website will feel disturbed,

Because when the visitor wants to read the content website us, they were diverted to website else they don’t want. Human or spider bot I really don’t like this at all, that’s why Google Penguin very active in giving lanty on website like that.

5. Doorway Page

doorway page

Doorway Page is an act to trick search engines Google by serving a lot keywords use script certain (that can only be seen spider bot). Usually the content that is presented is very little and not informative.

This method is one of the techniques Blackhat SEO, surely such a technique would be against the rules Google. Google Penguin really eyeing website something like this to give penalty.

How to Avoid Penalty Google Penguin

After you read the features website what you don’t like Google Penguin, then you will think how to avoid penalty si Google Penguin the. Well, we will also discuss how to avoid penalty from Google Penguin.

1. Avoid Guest Posting

avoid guest posts

Website who has a lot profile link from one website can be rewarded penalty si Google Penguin. Because they will put profile those that contain backlinks which will make a sign that the article was written by a guest author.

Especially when anchor textit’s the same, it’s better when you become a guest writer you better put link on the article only and do not put no-follow attribute on link the one in the box profile Writer.

2. Google Trust Is Important

Increase Google’s Trust in You

Trust is very important Google always believe in website which is big. Even whatever the offense they committed, there was very little chance of getting penalty.

How can be like that, website The company will usually publish interesting and informative articles in large numbers. Of course they are also a reference for website others to create articles.

You can also earn the trust of Google if the article you wrote was really original, men-details, informative, and of course according to the facts. That way you will definitely get the trust of Google.

3. Use Backlinks Relevant Only

Use Relevant Backling

Backlinks which derive from website well-known can usually strengthen a website, but Google have used relevance as an important factor in SEO. So you can’t just use backlinks which can have a negative impact.

At least you must have 30% of the links come from website which niche the same, it doesn’t have to be the same as long as it has relevance. If it doesn’t exceed 30%, then you will be hit penalty from Google Penguin.

4. Keyword Density and Internal Link

Pay attention to keyword density and internal links

Increase Keyword Density it’s really good for SEO, but when the article website you are too optimized then Google Penguin will also assume you do Stufiing Keyword and will culminate in penalty.

To Internal Link you are not exact match anchor text. If Internal Link you were detected like that, then Google Penguin will also assume that you do Stuffing Keyword and will get penalty from algorithm Google Penguin.

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