Get to know the Details of the Strongest Tank Knight Named Tara in Lokapala MOBA!

The newest Lokapala knight named Tara


The newest Lokapala knight named Tara

GridGames.ID – Lokapala, a game made by the nation’s children developed by Anantarupa Studios, has now announced its latest update.

They have released the latest updates regarding events, knights, skins, and the latest features that are present in their MOBA title on May 25 yesterday.

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For Ksatriya Tank named Tara, the abilities she has are very interesting to review, let’s see!


Knight of Tara

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Knight of Tara

The knight named Tara who has a Cyborg body and a beautiful face has the role of Tank.

So, this Tara is a woman who has lost everything, such as hands, feet, and lost the leader she loves.

But he still has the fire of passion in him to be ready to fight in Svaka Lokapala.

The burden of responsibility that is borne by Knight Tara is indeed quite heavy, but he still
willing to fight to keep his team.

This knight will take care of his team with very strong skills

Tara’s Skills

Knight of Tara


Knight of Tara

As a tank knight, Tara is equipped with skills that can protect her team from enemy attacks, here are Tara’s complete skills:

Passive: Vaira Outburst

After using his skill, Tara cannot be affected by the Control effect from the enemy and this Knight will get an additional 20% armor for 2 seconds.

Skill 1: Vengeful Torment

When Tara kicks an enemy, she will deal 250 (+80% AD) physical damage.

This skill is able to give a splash effect to the enemy behind the target.

The first attack will deal full damage, while the splash is only 30% of the first total damage.

Skll 2: Eye for an Eye

When Tara jumps and stomps her foot on the ground, she will give 300 (+2% max HP) shield for 3s and 50% movement speed for 2s to the team around her.

If the enemy is in the area, then he will give 150 (+80% AD) Physical
damage and give a slowing effect of -20% for 2 seconds.

If there is no team around, then Ksatriya Tara will get a shield.

Skill 3: Durmada Yaksha

Tara will rotate her mechanical hand in the air and then hit the ground to inflict 300 (+120% AD) Physical damage on nearby enemies and throw the enemy into the air for 1 second.

Oh yes, when turning the hand, Tara Tara’s movement speed will decrease
by -20% and if canceled, the cooldown of the skill will be reduced to 12 seconds.

Well, the longer the mechanical hand rotates, the more the attack distance will be
area and damage increase to a maximum of 700 (+120% AD) Physical Damage.

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