Get to know PUBG Mobile characters: what are their abilities?

Get to know the PUBG mobile characters so far!

PUBG Mobile continues to grow to an ever-increasing level with more and more features with each update.

One of them is the emergence of character use that is commonly found in most games.

In the future, most battle royale games will have more and more character features with specific skills available in the game.

You may not yet know the PUBG Mobile characters that already exist. Here is the collection.

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Previous PUBG mobile characters

PUBG MOBILE has only 4 characters compared to other games that already have many new characters.

This may be because PUBG Mobile players rarely use characters. They prefer to use their avatars.


This soldier was the first character released by PUBG Mobile and is also an introduction to the character’s characteristics at the time.

Victor will be provided free of charge to PUBG MOBILE players.Victor’s skill is Increase SMG reload speed Ten%. Skills need to be upgraded to level 9.


Sarah is a PUBG Mobile woman with the ability to ride a vehicle.

This character can Increase the durability of the vehicle The more you ride, the thicker it will be and the less it will explode. Sara increases endurance by up to 10%.

This character can be purchased at a price 600UC Or 600 character vouchers.


This man is really impressive on PUBG Mobile with his unique hairstyle and cool outfit.

Carlo has skills Reduce damage Obtained when dropping up to 24% depending on the level of the character.

You can buy Carlo at. 1200UC Or 1200 character voucher


By the way, this masked character is a new character, everyone. Since it is related to weapons, it is almost the same character as Victor.

Andy got it Increase the speed of throwing and changing weapons 16% up depending on the character level.

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What do you think about The Spinners? If so, which one would you choose?

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