Get to know Julian, the New Hero in Mobile Legends without Ultimate Skills!

Mobile Legends never seem to run out of ideas to create hero new made gamesit becomes more and more exciting. After the recently released Melissa and Xavier, Mobile Legends looks like it’s ready hero new again that is Julian.

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Julian himself is hero with role fighter and is said to be the son of Terizla who is also a fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. However, when compared to his appearance with Terizla, hero this is quite different.

If Terizla is described as a scary monster, then the child is described as a human in general. One thing that makes him quite similar to Terizla is that he has a large chain in his hand.


In terms of his own appearance, Julian is described as a teenager with red hair, slightly red eyes, and black clothes with accents of crows.

One of the most unique things about Julian is that he doesn’t have ultimate skills. Then, like what? skills does Julian have? Here’s the review!

Don’t Have Ultimate Skills, Here’s Julian’s Mobile Legends Skill!

As written above, hero Julian Mobile Legends actually don’t have ultimate skills. However, it has three skills active and one skills passive. Uniquely, Julian canenhance skills one, two, and three of them become more dangerous to the enemy.

Before discussing this, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with “basicskills from this Julian. Here every skills which he has!

  • Passive – Smith Legacy: After wearing 2 skillsJulian willenhance skills third one he will use. After wearing skills 3 which has beenenhance the, Basic Attack from Julian also increased and gave Magic Damage and there is an additional effect of slowly pulling enemies close to him
  • Skill 1 – Scythe: Julian will throw his scythe into a designated area and give magic damage and effects slow for 1 second to the enemy hit by the sickle. Once thrown, the scythe will return to Julian (like skills 1 Nana, but not that fast)
  • Skill 2 – Swords: Julian will raise the sword in the air, and do dash to the designated area while giving damage high to the enemy it passes through
  • Skill 3 – Chains: Julian will hit using his chain to the specified area. Skills this can give Magic Damage to the enemy and give effect immobilize for 1.2 seconds

After discussing basic skillsnya, then like what enhance skills from Julian? What’s the difference with basic skills-his? Here’s the explanation!

Normal: Earn only damage to the enemy just once

Enhance: Produce continuous damage which is many times over, so the scythe will circle around the place (like Karrie)

Normal: Only dash just

Enchance: Dash at the same time have an effect Immunity (like Benedetta)

Normal: Has an effect immobilize to the enemy (like Bellerick)

Enchance: Has an effect immobilize and effects airborne or knock up to the enemy

Then how to activate enhance skills Julian? You can play skills passively carefully. There is only one enhance skills which can be used in one combo or battle.

With various skills that he has above, it seems Julian is one of them hero which can be used in various role. Apart from being offlaner or fighterJulian also seems to be suitable to be jungler for having damage sick too cooldown skills which briefly.

Well, that’s some explanation about skills Julian, hero new Mobile Legends newly released in advance server. What do you think? Are you interested in studying? hero this one?

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