Get to know Aura Clover: Purchase 2 MVP Titles at MPL ID Season 4 Week 1

GridGames.ID – Clover, the midlaner from Aura eSports, got the MVP title for two consecutive days in MPL ID Season 4.

With his favorite hero, Lunox, Clover was able to conquer Genflix Aerowolf on the first day of MPL ID Season 4 Week 1.

As we know, the formation of Genflix Aerowolf itself is an old player from the Louvre eSports team, the runner-up for MPL ID Season 3 and runner-up for MSC 2022.

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Even though Aura was only given 3 kills in the first game by Genflix Aerowolf, Aura was able to get up in the second game thus creating the third game.

In the first game, Clover used Harith’s hero who finally couldn’t penetrate Genflix Aerowolf’s defenses.

In the second and third games, he chose Lunox to beat the runner up MPL ID last season.

With his persistence, Clover was successfully nominated as MVP on the first day of MPL ID Season 4 along with Bravo from Bigetron.


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