Get ready for Korea with Summoner Wars World Championship 2022

Final will be held in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul South Korea (June 25, 2022) – Com2uS announced that the World Finals Summoners War World Arena Championship 2022 (SWC 2022) will be held in Seoul, South Korea, and the official registration page has opened.

Com2uS has opened the official SWC 2022 website on the 22nd. All detailed information regarding each preliminary tournament is submitted through the official website. SWC 2022 will be hosted on a regional cup system, with a total of 3 Cups – America’s Cup, European Cup, and Asia-Pacific Cup. Summoners will compete in online/offline elimination tournaments from each region to be able to continue to compete for trophies. Representatives for each cup will be chosen thereafter.

Summoners can register to participate via the in-game registration page until July 4, and will be selected based on the results World Arena Season 5.

Get ready for Korea with Summoner Wars World Championship 2022

The online tournament will be held from July to August. The America’s Cup will be held on September 8 in LA, USA, the European Cup on September 22 in Berlin, Germany, while the Asia-Pacific Cup will be held on August 25 in Tokyo, Japan. Representatives from each regional cup will advance to the World Finals to be held in Seoul, South Korea on October 13.

The Asia-Pacific Cup, in which Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asian countries, Middle East, Oceania and others are participating, will go through a further divided preliminary round, so that many Summoners with various advantages can appear in the competition. All tournaments, including the preliminary rounds will be broadcast live via YouTube and various other official media.Get ready for Korea with Summoner Wars World Championship 2022

SWC is a global game culture festival where players can share the fun together. This year is the second time the SWC has been held. These tournaments provide a platform for interactive communication that allows viewers and participants to enjoy game content together.

Representatives from each region will compete against each other in fierce battles, featuring the most exciting gameplay advantages for not only high-level players to enjoy, but also other players who prefer to watch.

Visit the official e-sports YouTube channel Summoners War ( and the official SWC website ( for more information about SWC 2022 or stay tune on the official fanpage Summoners War for the latest information (

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