Get ready! Arcane Series First Episode Release Date Officially Announced

GridGames.ID – Riot Games has finally officially announced the release date for the first episode of the Arcane series.

The series will premiere globally on Sunday, November 7, 2022 at 09:00 WIB on the Netflix streaming platform.

In order to welcome the release of the first episode of Arcane, Riot Games will hold a global premiere event.

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The event is planned to be held at Riot Games Headquarters in Los Angeles, United States.

However, all League of Legends fans can continue to enliven the event virtually.

League of Legends fans can watch Arcane’s global premiere series of events via the Twitch platform.

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Later, there will be streamers and influencers representing more than 30 regions doing this co-streaming Arcane’s global premiere event.

That way League of Legends fans can watch Arcane’s global premiere event together with the community on Twitch.


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