Get free Natalia special skins at the latest Call Mobile Legends (ML) event!

Get free Natalia special skins at the latest Call Mobile Legends (ML) event! Moonton-created game, Mobile Legends, has a lot of in-game items you can get by playing.

These in-game items can be obtained by purchasing with tickets, battle points, or diamonds. Not all items can be purchased with these two “currencies”, so purchasing items with tickets and battle points is very limited.

Skins are an example of items that cannot be purchased with tickets or battle points (of course, lucky draw skins are not eligible for purchase). Skins can only be purchased directly with diamonds.

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Kufra Epic Showcase

However, there are several ways to get a free skin. One is to reward the skins you get by having an event in Mobile Legends.

Now, Moonton recently announced a new event call to get Natalia Special (Grimm Strangler) skins on ML.

This free Natalia Skin Call event will run from September 14th to September 27th, 2022. You can then draw once or twice to get the chance to win this skin.

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Free Natalia Skin ml Event
Via photo: ML leak

Of course, Natalia users really want this skin. So stay tuned for the latest information on how to get this skin from the spinner SPIN Esports.

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