Get a Remastered Version, Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About Legend of Mana!

A while back, Square Enix brought a surprise to fans of the series Where. One of the series Where most popular, Legend of Mana will get version remaster released for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. First published for PSOne in 2022, Legend of Mana is the fourth in line Where which is in great demand in the market, especially in Japan. In Japan, Games it sold 400,000 copies in the first week and sold 700,000 copies in late 2022.

These facts and figures eventually led Square Enix to prepare a version remasterwhich will appear in the near future. From the name alone, we already know that the version remaster This is a version with nicer graphics and adapted to the capabilities of today’s consoles and PCs. To revive your nostalgia, here are 5 facts Legend of Mana What you should know before playing the version remasterlater.

1. story Non-linear Based on Events

Legend of the Mana Remaster

The one who does Legend of Mana winning a place in the hearts of his fans is his story that non-linear. You can continue the progress of the story from Games this by completing Events that exists. And you don’t have to finish Events these in a certain order. Besides, there are some Events which you can only access after completion Events and affect the artifacts you will receive later.

Legend of the Mana Remaster

total Games it has 68 Events, the amount is pretty much for Games at that time. A number of Events some are part of the main story, others are separate stories that are no less interesting.

2. System Land creation Special

Legend of Mana

As the author mentioned at the beginning, every time you’re done Events sure you get an artifact. You can place these artifacts on the world map and voila, the artifact turns into a city or Dungeon that you can explore. Including the residents and the monsters in them.

Placing artifacts on the world map affects the elemental spirits and the strength of the monsters or living in the city Dungeon created from these artifacts. You can place these artifacts anywhere on the world map, which makes the world map you create unique and different from other players.

3. Action-packed combat system

Legend of Mana is a Games by genre Action RPG. The fight begins when you enter a screen with enemies and walk towards them. You have to kill all the enemies in the area before you can continue the fight to the next screen. Which is interesting, after you manage to kill all the enemies in an area, your HP will get full again as usual.

There are 11 types of weapons that you can use in combat. Each weapon has a different effect on movement speed in combat and which stats increase as you level up. There is also a Magic system built into the instrument, which you can get by buying it around town or collecting materials on the go.

4. Beautiful hand-scratched graphics

Legend of Mana

The author evaluates Legend of Mana is one of the Games with nice graphics on PSOne first. Well also compared to Games now the graphic looks pretty pixelated. But by version remaster In this case, it seems that Square Enix has provided considerable improvisation from a visual standpoint, which you can see in the images in this article.

It’s more pleasing to the eye, isn’t it?

5. There is a mini game for training pets

Oiya, supposedly for the version remaster this time there will also be a mini-game Ring Ringland. This mini-game is an alternative to training domestic animal-mu uses the Pocket Station device which was very popular in the Japanese market. So, Ring ring Land is also only available for the Japanese version, and this feature is also missing in the US version. You can get a little bit of an idea of ​​it Ring Ringland through the following video.

execution Remastered Legend of Mana It will be released on June 24, 2022 for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. For those of you who are buying Games It’s early, you can get some bonuses like themes and sets User picture for PS4 and Wallpaper for the PC version.

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