Genshin Impact’s new behind-the-scenes map, Dragon Spine!

Dragon Spine, a new behind-the-scenes map of Genshin Impact!

Dragonspine is the latest map of Genshin Impact. The Dragonspine map was opened for patch 1.2 Genshin Impact.

Dragonspine also offers different colors than previous maps. It has a sheer cold-like feature, so players need to be careful when adventuring there.

Behind the map, which looks small, the details of the entire map are very wide. It’s easy to get lost there.

The latest Genshin Impact video shows behind the scenes of creating a Dragonspine map. I’m curious about how the process is made and what important points are conveyed, so I can listen to it.

A theme different from other maps

Behind the scenes Dragon Spine

The first is the difference in themes, which clearly Dragonspine has adopted the winter theme and the map contains a large iceberg. The previous two maps are Moonstadt (spring) and Liyue (autumn).

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Reference from actual location

Albedo Dragon Spine
Source: Genshin Impact

All Dragonspine maps are the result of actual exploration, with locations derived from the Alps reference to the pyramidal summit, Matterhorn.

Consider not only art but also gameplay

Albed Dragon Spine
Source: Genshin Impact

Not only in appearance, but also in gameplay, it’s related to everything that affects sheer cold.

As you explore, you’ll definitely find that not only the area, but the various gameplays affect the Sheer Cold experience.

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Three aspects of the Dragonspine map

Behind the scenes dragon spine
Source: Genshin Impact

The Dragonspine map is relatively small, but when you explore it, you will find the map quite large.

MiHoYo looks at the first interior of many maps, such as the Starglow Cave, that is, three aspects to make it so.

Two connections between locations, many locations in the map are connected to other locations.

Three different theme zones, such as Star Glow Cave, Frost Bearing Tree, and Dragon Skeleton, offer players a variety of experiences.

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