Genshin Impact, Mihoyo’s Big Dream Brings Games to Multiplatform

Genshin Impact is not only present on Mobile, but also on Playstation 4

SHANGHAI, China – August 1, 2022, since the Genshin Impact trailer was released, the main question that arises in the gamer community is, of course, on which game console will this open world action game be released? At the PlayStation® Online Showcase at ChinaJoy 2022, miHoYo finally announced together with Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) (SIESH), that Genshin Impact will be released on PlayStation®.

Genshin Impact is an open world action game set in a fantasy world called “Tevyat”, where players can freely explore the vast world using several choices of playable characters.

Same Fighting System as the mobile version

Genshin Impact offers a combat system full of combos that are strongly related to various elementals. And as one of the games developed by miHoYo, it is certain that Genshin Impact is full of immersive and interesting stories. In addition, for those who are already familiar with games from miHoYo, they will certainly find many similarities that can be found from the previous games by miHoYo.

Playing as a mysterious figure called “The Traveler”, the player embarks on a journey to explore a world full of secrets, encountering various unique characters, confronting various monsters and rivals, with the aim of rediscovering his lost nation.

Successful Closed Beta on iOS and PC, Time to Expand to Playstation.

The game, which just ended the Closed Beta Test successfully on iOS devices and PC, is planned to enter the next Beta Test stage in the future.

The announcement by miHoYo and SIESH marks the first time miHoYo has brought the game to a home console. Where previously, miHoYo games like Honkai Impact 3rd were always exclusive on mobile devices at launch. The release of Genshin Impact on the PlayStation® platform is a step taken by miHoYo to enter new territories, welcome new communities, and also face new challenges.

Collaboration between miHoYo and PlayStation®

“The first collaboration between miHoYo and PlayStation® will not only allow us to introduce Genshin Impact to the console player community, but will certainly attract new players to PlayStation®,” Wei Liu, a co-founder of miHoYo, said at the PlayStation® Online Showcase. “We are currently optimizing game performance on PlayStation® to ensure a smooth and brilliant gaming experience, and we have also prepared exclusive content that enriches the gaming experience for PlayStation® players. In short, we wholeheartedly welcome this opportunity to collaborate with PlayStation®, and we also look forward to input and feedback from PlayStation® players, of course, to make Genshin Impact a better game.”

Genshin Impact is currently under development for iOS, Android, PC and PlayStation®, the game release date is expected to be 2022. For more information, please visit the official Genshin Impact website at:, or follow the account @ GenshinImpact on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About miHoYo:

“Tech Otakus save the world.” Founded in May 2012, based in Shanghai, China, this interactive entertainment company is known for its successful global IP, Honkai Impact. They are known for their high dedication to quality. miHoYo always produces works of the highest quality, whether in the field of video games, manga or novels. miHoYo has a vision to channel their love for players and form a community that never dies around the world.

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