Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB remodeling team!

One of Indonesia’s professional esports teams, Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB, became the first team to remodel the team most aggressively during the transfer period this season. Modifications have been made by the Mobile Legends team preparing for MPL ID Season 6.

Previously, as we all know, Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB itself is Malaysia’s eSports team and has opened a branch of the team in Indonesia.This happened in 2022 with the aim of making their name Popular all over the world.

However, their goals have not been fully achieved and are still far from being achieved. Joined Indonesia by creating Mobile Legends, one of the eSports divisions, and purchasing MPL slots.

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Source: esports ID

Their performance It’s far from expected. My squad is a team that plays in MPL, a squad that is a subscriber to the entire SFI Critical Roster.But for the last two seasons, they For some reason, they are not always eligible for the playoffs, they just end up below the standings and become a complementary team.

Of course, to improve their history, Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB needed to do a major overhaul, which took place during the sixth season transfer vacation. Yes, they Became the first MPL team to be the most active in a major overhaul of the team.

So far, we have released four players: InstincT, Paul, Val and Tezet. However, no player has participated in the Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB yet. So who is this player? Given that there are few rumors about players participating in the Geek Fam Indonesia MLBB, this is very difficult to predict. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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