Garena has blocked 1.18 million free Fire accounts again!

Garena, the developer of the Free Fire esports game, has repeatedly announced that it has permanently blocked 1.18 million Free Fire accounts. This is because non-sportsman-like players play this game using illegal or third-party applications. Therefore, Free Fire has reiterated that it is banned for these stubborn accounts.

Since releasing an anti-cheat program called Operation Cut Code, Garena has actually succeeded in eradicating many accounts caught using cheats and third-party application programs to play the game. ..

The official Garena Free Fire statement states, “We strive to maintain sports games and maintain a fair and honest gaming experience for all players.

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“Keep reporting the accounts where fraud was found through the in-game reporting feature. Let’s maintain and build a better, sportier Free Fire together,” he added.

Operation Cutcord’s anti-hacking program really helps Garena eradicate fraudsters fairly quickly. A few days ago, they announced that they had banned 89,600 accounts and increased again to 1.18 million, thanks to this fraud prevention program.

Sportskeeda reports that the use of the Operation Cutcord system blocked a total of 4 million accounts after experiencing fixes and increases. Garena recently released the latest update, Free Fire: Rampage, with new characters, pets, weapons and more. The player can be downloaded from the official application so that it will not be blocked by Operation Cutcord.

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