Gaming chairs are ancient! This Japanese brand makes gaming mattresses

Do you feel chair Games not comfortable already? If you want more maximum comfort, when necessary, you canGames while you sleep No cause for confusion, Bauhutte has the solution. society Gaming peripherals This Japanese origin has a mattress concept Games Which let you run out of reasons to wake up from the calm.

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Put up mattress Games It was created by combining a number of Bauhutte products that are sold separately. Including Bed rugs, Gaming couch, Headboard, Bed desk, Side table, Monitor arm, Clothes hanger table, etc. That means you can design create whatever you like, as long as you choose Bauhutte products to be placed around the bed.

Source: Bauhütte
Source: Bauhütte

Bauhutte is a unique company indeed. There are so many product variants that you can even call them a furniture company rather than a company Gaming peripherals. The products they manufacture are based on the “concept” create sure, for example the concept of Game setup with a short table (readable), Game setup with a table in the corner of the room, and this one, a concept Gaming bed.

When browsing Bauhutte’s product catalog there are some unique products that you might even be confused about what they actually do. One of them is like “Desk tents”, a mini tent that offers you a personal space without outside interference. Apart from experience Games more Immersivehe said that this tent is also useful for jobs that need it dimmed light. For example for designers or illustrators.

Chair concept Games no legs for lesehan | Source: Bauhütte
Bauhutte desk tent | Source: Bauhütte

For example, Bauhutte also offers products for office workers “Under the desk bed”. As the name suggests, this is a mattress that can be folded and placed under the table. Should you ever get tired of working, simply push the chair to the side, pull out the table and you can lie down for a short break. I’m not sure if this is allowed in all offices, especially in Japan, where the work culture is known to be conservative. But hey who knows, maybe someone needs one.

Bauhutte under bench bed | Source: Bauhütte

Mattress concept Games It might sound a bit silly, but to be honest, I’d like one at home too. I’m just waiting for Elon Musk to step in to create self-propelled gaming bed, and we will enter the era of film-style space technology Wall-E. For gimbot readers, even if you have it Game setup very comfortable, don’t forget to take care of your health through exercise, okay!

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