Gamevil Releases ArcheAge Begins! Already Played? Here’s the Game!

Gamevil is the most consistent mobile game publisher by presenting games RPG quality. At the end of 2022, they officially released ArcheAge Begins for Android. Adapted directly from the popular game ArcheAge which was popular in 2013, the developer ArcheAge invites players to enter the world of ArcheAge on the mobile platform. This game was developed by XL games which is the direct developer of ArcheAge for PC games and published by Gamevil.

ArcheAge is a game withgenre MORPGs (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

Using Unreal Engine 4 as core making games This ensures that HD quality games will be presented to ArcheAge Begins players. According to data released by Gamevil, 100,000 thousand players from Indonesia have participated in the game pre-register ArcheBegins (Wow, I’m really enthusiastic)

Another advantage of the ArcheAge game that is loved by fans is

Another advantage of the ArcheAge game that is loved by fans is the storyline of this game. Written by Min-Hee Jeon who is also the author of the novel ArcheAge, ArcheAge Begins tells the story of a time where 1000 years before ArcheAge, where there are many gods and races living together in one land. Players have the opportunity to control some of the heroes popular in the PC version of the game.

In this game, we can see that Unreal Engine 4 brings something new to mobile games where the characters created will look closer to the original, dynamic skill animations, and the environment in the game looks much more beautiful.

Like the RPG Gamevil game, in ArcheAge Begins there are also many quests or missions that must be completed by players. In addition there are options to fight boss monsters together and war for territory. So that you get a wider area, of course you have to strengthen the team you have, both from the equipment and skills used

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