GameSir Z1, BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for the World’s First Smartphone.

GameSir Z1, World’s First BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for Mobile Gaming!

GameSir, one of the leading mobile gaming gear manufacturers in Indonesia, has launched its newest product, GameSir Z1. GameSir Z1 is not a gamepad like other GameSir products, but a gaming keyboard specially designed for mobile game fans complete with BattleDock technology from GameSir. That way, GameSir Z1 certainly deserves to be dubbed the first gaming keyboard specifically designed for mobile devices!

GameSir Z1, BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for the World's First Smartphone.

Even though it is used for mobile devices, GameSir Z1 already uses a mechanical switch system which uses red keky switches from Cherry MX which is already familiar to gamers. It doesn’t stop there, the GameSir Z1 keyboard also looks more beautiful thanks to the RGB lights and is also equipped with 4 macro buttons on the left that can be programmed according to your needs.

GameSir Z1’s Innovative BattleDock Features

In addition, GameSir Z1 also has a BattleDock feature which has the exact same function as GameSir X1. Not only that, GameSir Z1 is also equipped with a built in remapper. So, with GameSir Z1, gamers can experience playing FPS games such as PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, and others like on a PC.

GameSir Z1, BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for the World's First Smartphone.

“GameSir Z1 is the newest product from GameSir. GameSir Z1 is a gaming keyboard specifically for mobile devices. GameSir Z1 uses Cherry MX red switches as well as dynamic RGB lighting that has 1.6 million colors. This product is also more interesting because it is equipped with the BattleDock feature and a build in remapper,” said Fajar Arifin as the Bussines Dept. of GameSir Indonesia.

GameSir Z1, BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for the World's First Smartphone.

GameSir Z1 itself is likely to be purchased in mid or late June with prices ranging from USD 89.9 or around Rp. 1,258 000.

Here are the full specifications:

Product Name: GameSir Z1 Gaming Keypad
Product Model: GameSir-Z1
Working Platform: iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or Above, Window 7 or Above
Working Temperature: 5?-65?
Working Humidity: 40% or less
Connection: Bluetooth (for mobile), wired (for PC)
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Time 1.5-2 Hrs
Charging Current: 1-2A
Working Distance Approx. 23ft
Package Size: 12.52 x 9.45 x 2.56in.
Battery Vapacity: 2000mAh
Product Size:9.8 x 7.87 x 2.56in.
Net Weight: 1.79lb

GameSir Z1, BattleDock Technology Gaming Keyboard for the World's First Smartphone.

For complete information, please visit the following link:

Facebook: GameSir Indonesia
Twitter: GameSirID (
Instagram: GameSir.ID (

About GameSir

GameSir is a global trademark of Gamepad based in Hong Kong. GameSir is directly affiliated with the company Wise Team Technology Development Limited which has many branches in various countries such as the United States and China.

GameSir is a trusted brand for gamers who want to enjoy high-quality gamepads. That way, the reputation of the gamepad products produced by GameSir cannot be doubted.

GameSir continues to grow and become a well-known trademark with more than two million users from all over the world, from China, the United States, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, England, France, and 30 other countries. Of course, the number of gamepad users from GameSir continues to grow.

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