Gameloft Releases Mobile Game Heroes of the Dark, Has 5v5 PvP Mode!

GridGames.ID – Gameloft, a well-known game developer and publisher has finally released their latest game.

Titled Heroes of the Dark, the Strategy RPG game will take you to a new fantasy world set in the Victorian era.

Players had to work in their kingdom from the start and then take on the enemy by building the strongest army they could.

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Gameloft's Heroes of the Dark gameplay

Gameloft’s Heroes of the Dark gameplay

This game will feature 3 different races namely vampires, humans, and werewolves or werewolves.

The three races are a major group that competes for power in a dystopian world, but can also work together when needed.

Heroes of the Dark offers strategic gameplay where you not only have to fight, but also work to earn resources.

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