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Game World Best Esports Organizer

Telkomsel understands that digital products and telecommunication services are becoming increasingly vital for daily life, especially in the midst of a pandemic when some people still focus their activities at home. This is marked by an increase in broadband Telkomsel’s highest during the pandemic which reached 49%. This record is directly proportional to the increase in service usage mobile games by Telkomsel subscribers by 231%.

Dunia Games, one of Telkomsel’s digital service ecosystems, won two awards at once, namely “The Most Favorite Gaming Media of The Year”. Indonesia Gaming Awards (IGA) 2022 and “The Most Favorite Non-Publisher Esports Tournament” in the event Indonesian Esports Awards 2022.

This phenomenon has made Telkomsel through Dunia Games more consistent in presenting more products and services that are capable of becoming digital entertainment solutions in the field of entertainment esports. This effort was also able to bring Dunia Games to the award as “The Most Favorite Gaming Media of The Year” at the Indonesia Gaming Awards (IGA) 2022 and “The Most Favorite Non-Publisher Esports Tournament” at the Indonesian Esports Awards 2022.

Leading Digital Telco Company

Vice President Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, “As leading digital telco company, Telkomsel has a commitment to continue to move forward to encourage the digital ecosystem in Indonesia in an inclusive and sustainable manner. In realizing these efforts, Telkomsel is one of the focuses on supporting industrial progress esports and gaming Indonesia through the Dunia Games platform. Therefore, we interpret the two awards above as additional incentives for Telkomsel and Dunia Games to continue to provide the best products and services for activists. games Indonesia.”

In encouraging industrial development games and esports Indonesia, Dunia Games runs four main pillars of services which include community media portals, competition organizers, payment gateways, and publisher games. The four functions are consistently carried out by Dunia Games in making a real contribution to the growth of the industry esports Indonesia and the progress of all stakeholders involved in it in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

The awards above are based on Dunia Games’ achievements as a game media portal with 17 million users and its success in organizing the 2022 Indonesia Games Championship.

The two awards further reinforce Telkomsel’s commitment to continue to move forward to encourage and strengthen the gaming and esports ecosystem in Indonesia.

Hundreds of Articles every week

In its function as a media portal games, Dunia Games provides quality information with more than 100 articles published every week and more than 1,800 videos showing. This hard work also had a positive impact on the growth of its user base which reached 17 million people. Dunia Games also recorded an increase in the number of times views by 150% from the previous year, or grew from 20 million times views to 57 million times views.

Game World Best Esports Organizer
Game World Best Esports Organizer

In addition, Dunia Games as the competition organizer has organized various tournaments esports prestigious annual events, such as the Dunia Games League and the Indonesia Games Championship (IGC). Especially for the IGC, in its implementation in 2022, the competition was attended by more than 34,000 participants from 457 districts/cities and 3 Southeast Asian countries. Tournament esports The result of collaboration between Telkomsel and Garena Indonesia with a total prize of more than Rp. 1.6 billion has succeeded in attracting more than 14 million views and 1.7 million hours of watch time (watch time).

Awarded IGA 2022

The achievements that have been made by Dunia Games as a game media portal and competition organizer are the main assessments of the 2022 Indonesia Gaming Awards (IGA) and 2022 Indonesian Esports Awards in crowning Dunia Games as “The Most Favorite Gaming Media of The Year” and “The Most Favorite Non-Publisher Esports Tournament”.

It doesn’t stop there, Dunia Games is also strengthening its ecosystem by providing payment gateway services for various kinds games and game vouchers using various payment instruments, including through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Telkomsel. As of November 2022, there were 6 million users who had transacted using Dunia Games DCB. Meanwhile, at the end of 2022, there are more than 150 game publishers and developers which has been connected through Dunia Games DCB.

Game World Best Esports Organizer
Game World Best Esports Organizer

“Overall, transactions at Dunia Games continued to experience growth throughout 2022, one of which was driven by the increasing customer demand for quality digital entertainment in concentrating their daily activities at home due to the pandemic. During May–November 2022, there was a 166% increase in transactions compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, there was an increase of 231% in December 2022, which incidentally was included during the pandemic, when compared to May 2022 when the pandemic had not yet occurred in Indonesia, “said Nirwan.

Consistent Game Publisher

Meanwhile, in carrying out its function as a publisher, games consistently, Dunia Games presents various choices games interesting for Indonesian people. Throughout 2022, there have been three recorded games launched by Dunia Games, namely Rise of Nowlin (February 2022), Kolak Express 3 (May 2022), and Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity (December 2022). Together with ShellFire (2018) and Lord of Estera (2019), there are a total of five games which has been published by Dunia Games with various genres that are tailored to the interests of the audience mobile games throughout Indonesia.

Game World Best Esports Organizer
Lord of Estera from the World of Best Esports Organizer Games

“The two awards are a special achievement for us because this award is an appreciation of our commitment to advancing the industry esports and gaming in Indonesia. We will also interpret it by continuing to strengthen the principle customer-centric in presenting various kinds of the latest innovations in the segment gaming to meet the various needs of all stakeholders in the industry esports Indonesia,” said Nirwan.

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