Game Update BTS WORLD Chapter 7 With The Main Character Jungkook

Update BTS WORLD May 2022


Update BTS WORLD May 2022

GridGames.ID – Entering May 2022, the BTS WORLD game announced a new interesting update for you to watch.

BTS WORLD itself is a simulation game mobile which offers players an extraordinary role as BTS Manager.

The update available today (3/3) adds Chapter 7 to the Another Story Season 2 story and at the same time becomes the closing chapter of the Season 2 story.

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This chapter tells about Jungkook’s struggle to find someone who still remembers him so he can stay at the Magic Shop after breaking the rules.

Not only that, there are other additions that are present in the May update, one of which is pnew card 5★ addition.

Then there is a great chance to get Emotion and Passion Card (2/3 – 9/3) and get Stamina and Wisdom Card (9/3 – 16/3).

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