Game Made in Indonesia ‘Anuchard’ Confirmed to Appear at E3 2022

GridGames.ID – The Indonesian-made game Anuchard is certain to appear at the E3 2022 event.

This was confirmed directly by the publisher, Freedom Games, last Friday (4/6).

Anuchard’s presence in this international games event certainly made Indonesia’s name smell good again.

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The reason is that before Anuchard, there were already several local game titles that also excelled abroad, such as Coffee Talk for example.

Apart from Anuchard, Freedom Games will also feature several indie games from other non-Indonesian developers at E3 2022, as reported by IGN Southeast Asia.

These games include Coromon, Dreamscaper, One Lonely Outpost, and To The Rescue!.

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Freedom Games Publishing Director Benjamin Tarsa said he couldn’t wait to showcase their work at E3 2022.

He said that Freedom Games had done many extraordinary projects.


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