Funny! This Mobile Game Advertisement Becomes a Meme and Goes Viral, Makes You Laugh!

GridGames.ID – If you often watch YouTube, surely you are already familiar with games Mafia City which very often appears as an ad in the video.

Mafia City itself first appeared on the App Store in May 2022 and has received excellent reviews to date.

Based on the title, Mafia City enough to explain about a strategy game set in a city full of mafia.

The concept of the game is also similar to Game of Sultans who uses vertical mode and his job is to gather subordinates for war.

But uniquely, the ads that are marketed Mafia City this is enough to make my stomach tickle because of its cuteness.

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From all the videos it shows the struggle for the position or level of life where the highest is in power.

The thing that makes it funny is the way the characters fight over levels that don’t make sense and become something really funny.

What do the ads and funny memes look like?

Well, those ads went viral and many made parodies and even reactions to the ads Mafia City this.

Many also make funny memes by connecting to other games that will make you laugh out loud.

Here are the memes created by the creators that will make you laugh out loud:

1. Pokemon Go

2. Kingpin, Spider-Man’s enemy

3. Fortnite

4. Rick and Morty

5. Dragon Ball

Very creative meme makers, are you interested in playing games Mafia City?


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