FunFact! This is the introduction to 2 types of grenades in Call of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile Grenades

Call Of Duty Mobile Grenades

GridGames.ID – Call Of Duty Mobile is a first person shot genre game with a battle royale mode that is currently trending on the Google Store and App Store.

Call of Duty Mobile was officially released by Garena on October 1, 2022 and was warmly welcomed by players.

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Currently the CODM game has 35 million downloads throughout Indonesia in 5 days. There are 3 modes when playing the Call of Duty Mobile game, namely.

1. Death Match

2. Bomb Mission

3. Domination

In the call of duty mobile, Grenades are divided into 2 types, namely Lethal Grenades and Tactical Grenades.

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