Fun ways to play games while looking for new friends or friends

Generally playing Games just for entertainment, just to fill free time and get rid of boredom. but what if we play Games can looking for a girlfriend or new friends? This is one of the new and fun ways to make friends by playing Games fast. How then? namely by playing the game Hago.

Hago is one of the social mini-games online what is hip, trendy, popular and is currently number 1 in “TOP FREE APPS‚ÄĚPlay Store (July 6, 2022).

Different to Mini-games Miscellaneous, Games Hago is Games social network that directly connects its opponents Real time with the opposite sex.

In Games Hago you can use the function to find the next opponent People around and choose gender Opponent, talk (Voice call) during the game, and you can also play online with friends you know on-line Yet local multiplayer. Game Hago there are many types of types Gamesso that when you get bored Games sure you can change other types of games.

Some of the game types currently available on Hago:

Sheep Fight, Fun Link, Knife Hit, Brain Quiz, Ludo Hago, Tofu Tempe, SOS, Jump Jump, Snake & Ladder, Stickman Run, Tennis Go, Nyan Cat, Werewolf and Halma. and will likely continue to grow.

Currently the game Hago is only available in Smartphone Android. iOS users may have to wait. Here are the steps:


1. Download Hago game on Google Play is free!

2. Run Hago, then you need to register an account first, you can use Gmail / Google. Facebook and LINE.

3. Next, select the game that you want to try, you will be faced with opponents. met gender different types.

You can activate during the game Voice call speak. After the game is over, you can too Chat to our opponents.

To find out your ID so that you can be added as a friend, the ID is located in the profile menu at the top left.

To find the next opponent, go to the menu Discover people. In this menu you can sort whether you want to find female or male friends.

Complete. Have fun playing Games and find new friends.

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