Fun! Stardew Valley Game is Officially Released on the Android Platform

GridGames.ID – Game Stardew Valley is releasing on Android platforms today (14/3/2019) worldwide.

Quoted from NexTren, this was confirmed by Chucklefish as the publisher of the game Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is one of the best-reviewed games hitting the 10/10 mark on the Steam service.

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The gameplay presented by Stardew Valley is a simulation that provides users with experiences, such as raising livestock, farming, and even building a household.

This game is priced at the Google Play Store at a price of $ 8, which in rupiah is worth Rp. 119 thousand.

Stardew Valley on Android


Stardew Valley on Android

For gamers who have played Stardew Valley on PC, you don’t need to bother starting the game from scratch.

You can transfer files/save data stored on your PC to your mobile device.

Some time ago before its release on Android, Stardew Valley was already opened for pre-registration options on the Play Store.


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