Free Skins! This is the Trickster’s Eve Prize Series in Mobile Legends

Esmeralda's free skin at Trickster's Eve Mobile Legends event event

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Esmeralda’s free skin at Trickster’s Eve Mobile Legends event event

GridGames.ID – In order to welcome the Halloween celebration, Mobile Legends annually holds an event titled Trickster’s Eve.

Well, this year, Trickster’s Eve itself lasts for four weeks.

Attractive prizes await you every weekend, guys!

Trickster's Eve Mobile Legends

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Trickster’s Eve Mobile Legends

Even many free skins that you can get for free or free. Goks!

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Not only skins, there are many other surprises that will be present every weekend during the Trickster’s Eve event.

Anyway, during the four weeks of Trickster’s Eve celebrations, the prizes also vary according to the event period each week.

Kuy, just get the prizes from the four weeks of Halloween Trickster’s Eve event in Mobile Legends.

1. First Week

The first week of Trickster's Eve

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The first week of Trickster’s Eve

First, there is a free skin that you can get in the Trickster’s Eve event in Mobile Legends this year, guys!

By forming a team and playing with friends in the game, you can immediately claim the skin of the Esmeralda hero named Poison Vine.

This event period starts from 12 to 19 October 2022.

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Not only that, the first week of Trickster’s Eve also presents an event where your job is just to log into the game.

After logging in, you can get Double Exp and BP, and complete quests to get Rare Fragments.

This login event period has started on October 11 to 13, 2022.

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2. Second Week

Second week of Trickster's Eve

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Second week of Trickster’s Eve

The first event in the second week of Trickster’s Eve is Star Protection, where for the defeat of the first three matches in Rank Mode, your stars will not be lost if you form a team with friends on 19-20 October 2022.

Furthermore, you can win the Scarlet Kiss battle emote by collecting items during the period 14-20 October 2022.

The last event in the second week there is a login on the weekend with prizes for double exp and battle points for the period 18-20 October 2022.

3. Third Week

Third week of Trickster's Eve

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Third week of Trickster’s Eve

In the third week of Trickster’s Eve, you can draw and get one of four Elite skins randomly from October 26 – November 1, 2022.

The skins include Zilong (Shining Knight), Pharsa (Peafowl’s Dance), Yi Sun-shin (Apocalypse Agent) and Akai (Monk).

You can also collect items during October 21-27 to win a free “Light & Darkness” permanent recall animation.

4. Fourth Week

Fourth week of Trickster's Eve

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Fourth week of Trickster’s Eve

In the last week of Trickster’s Eve in Mobile Legends, you are again invited to draw four basic skins on November 2-8, 2022 at random.

The four skins are Hilda (Power of Wildness), Moskov (Spear of Bone Dragon), Kagura (Flower Season) and Uranus (Ancient Soul).

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Well, let’s post your reminders so you don’t miss this interesting event, guys!


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