Free Quota Indosat Referral Code From Latest MyIM3 2022

Indosat Referral Code – There is no doubt that Indosat is the cheapest service provider in Indonesia. Because, as I shared at the last meeting, Indosat has shared a 30 GB free internet quota to its users, namely the education quota to support preventing the spread of the corona virus.

Although the quota can only be used to access online learning platforms, according to Mimin himself, it is very helpful. However, in the past few days there were many people, especially Indosat users who asked about the latest Indosat referral code 2022.

Of course, with this, Mimin will share a tutorial on how to get the latest Indosat referral code this month, because if we have the code, we will get free internet quota. Curious and want to know how to get it?? just look below.

What is Indosat Referral Code

Well, mimin is sure that almost everyone who uses an Indosat Ooredoo sim card doesn’t know about the function of this referral code, so that mimin wants to explain a little. Okay, so the Indosat referral code is a code that can be exchanged for internet quota or credit on the myim3 application. However, this referral code has its own grace period so for those of you who want to have a free internet quota, then you have to look for the latest referral code every month.

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How to Get the Latest Indosat Referral Code

how to get Indosat referral code

There is no need to deny that in order to be able to get this referral code, it is quite easy, that is, all you have to do is download the MyIM3 application on the Google Playstore. Then ask your friends (fellow Indosat users) to share their referral code, the way is to enter the myim3 apk > reward > invite friends. Or you can also share your own referral code with your friends.

However, if none of your friends use an Indosat sim card, then the solution is to look at trusted sources who often share referral codes. Therefore, as Mimin said above, getting a referral code is quite easy and not complicated. see the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions

    • Every new or old user who has a referral code is entitled to get an internet quota of 750 MB, if already registered on the MyIM3 application
    • The 750 MB quota is only valid for 3 days
    • For old Indosat card users and invite 10 people, they will get an internet quota of 7.5 GB per day and a maximum of 50 GB

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How to Exchange Indosat Referral Code with Internet quota on MyIM3

So, those are some of the terms and conditions that apply when you want to get a free quota from a code from the myim3 application using a referral code. After knowing this, you can follow the steps on how to exchange your referral code with internet quota on the my myim3 application as follows:

1. Old User

For old users, you can directly enter the myim3 application using the registered Indosat sim card number, then select the profile menu and then enter the code

2. New User

For new users, the method is the same as above, but here Mimin recommends that you invite your fellow Indosat Ooredoo card users so you can get as many referral codes as possible so that the quota you exchange is large.

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Now that’s all I can share with you all about the Free Quota Indosat Referral Code From the Latest MyIm3 2022, hopefully this review can be useful and add to your insight, all of you who have read this article. If there is anything you want to ask, just comment below and I will answer.

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