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Free Fire (FF) released the Season 26 Elite Pass yesterday, July 1st. The name of this season pass is “Rampage II Uprising”. And now, Garena has decided to distribute gifts to enthusiasts of this one battle royale game. The prizes they give to elite pass users are 25 to 100 diamonds, and you can get them too. Want to know how? Here’s how to get free diamonds in Free Fire (FF) 2022.

How to get 100 diamonds for free Free fire

Of course, there are conditions that must be cleared in order to obtain 100 diamonds. The conditions are simple and you must have purchased two Elite Passes with your Elite Pass in July of this year.

If you feel that you meet these requirements, you can immediately open the Free Fire application, go to the Rampage Uising page of Elite Pass, and press the “Browser” logo (figure of the earth) on the right screen. I can do it. Then you need to swipe right to the “Purchased” screen. Here you can claim Free Diamonds from Free Fire.

How to Get Free Diamonds for Free Part 2

Buy an elite pass for the first time

If you are buying an Elite Pass for the first time, don’t worry! You can request free diamonds, but you can get 25 diamonds instead of 100. Neither is great! You can also get a free diamond royal voucher and 25 free diamonds if you have previously purchased an Elite Pass. And of course, if you already have 3 elite passes in a row, you are entitled to 100 free diamonds and diamond royal vouchers!

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Garena is said to continue this diamond-sharing event in Season 27, so Garena is free to buy diamonds to encourage previous Elite Pass holders to continue to buy Elite Passes in the next season. It offers.

Here’s how to get Free Free Fire (FF) diamonds! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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