Free Fire (FF) Beard skins may be banned. The reason is as follows.

This is the FF beard skin that many are looking for. It turns out that this can be banned.

Free fire (FF) Is one of the big games played all over the world on all continents, especially Southeast Asia.

Many skins and costumes have been introduced since its release.

Some of the bundles introduced are rare bundles that are in high demand from fans.

So Vigilante Bundle, Zombie Samurai Bundle, Dino Ranger Bundle, etc.

Within these well-known bundles, there is one accessory that is also sought after. White Santa Beard skin.

Yes, this skin was distributed free of charge at the 2022 Christmas event. Perhaps some players didn’t get the chance to get it.

Unfortunately, this skin isn’t out anymore in 2022, and many still want to get this FF Edward Newgate skin.

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But did you know that these white beards are occurring frequently these days? Here is the information!

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FF Whitebeard has been lifted!

Of course you need to get this FF Whitebeard Mod Or a third app to get it.

Of course, the file for this item is still on your Free Fire system. All you need is a way to get the script file and place it in your account.

As you know, using the third application with Free Fire and other online games is prohibited and may be prohibited.


If you still want to get this white beard skin, we recommend that you do not take the above actions. If you still want to try it, use a different account or Free account the first.

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So be careful if you’re using white Santa’s whiskers on Free Fire, as it may detect that FF is using a mod.

If you officially get it from the 2022 event, there is no problem. If you are using mods, we recommend that you do not use this skin for a while.

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