Free calls to all operators

At the beginning of its creation, cell phones or cell phones or it could also be called Smartphone The main function is to communicate remotely anytime anywhere.

With the advancement of cell phone technology that used to only be used for making calls and texting, we can now use it for taking photos, playing games, listening to songs and much more.

Now referring to the main function of the cell phone itself, although now anything can be done using the Internet, but there are still many who use cell phones or cell phones Smartphone to make calls between operators without using the internet.

Especially for relatives in the village or village who still have little understanding of the advantages of the Internet. Hence, we need to be able to use the internet that is available to facilitate communication with relatives or whoever it is.

We know that the current price of Internet packages is quite cheap compared to the prices of Impulse for calls with other carriers or other carriers. Let us use the Internet that we have so that we can call all operators free of charge. Please refer to the following method:

How to make free calls to all operator numbers

1. Make sure you have installed and registered the Latest LINE application.

LINE-Android download

Download LINE iOS

2. Go to Settings in the three-dot menu in the right corner and then select again symbol Corridors, on scroll down and select LINE Out.

3. Then select the option Add to homepage in the LINE-Out settings.

4. Now click on symbol LINE Out on your homepage, then choose one symbol the keyboard at the top right.

5. Enter the number you want to call and Tap At symbol Phone. You will be taken to an ad of approximately 15 seconds to enjoy this free call from LINE.

You can make free calls for one day for the intended duration of 3 minutes. Well, this is very useful if there is a sudden interest in interest or if you run out of funds.

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