FREE! 10+ Best and Coolest Robot Games on Android

For those of you who like to play robot games on smartphones, here we recommend some of the best war robot games that you can try to play in your spare time.

Besides online games, we also provide offline robot games, so you can save more on your quota.

Curious about what robot games we will discuss? Come on, just take a look at the following article.

Robot Games Online Best on Android

1. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Boxing Champions

Have you ever watched an Action movie called ‘Real Steel‘? Yep, the film was adapted into a game called Real Steel Boxing Champions.

Just like in the original film, in this game you have to build a robot that will be used to fight in the boxing arena.

The collection is also a variety of other famous characters such as Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boys, and others. You can play this game online, and it can also be played offline.

Size 406MB
Game Advantages Good graphics, and cool gameplay

2. War Robots

War Robots

War Robots

War Robots is the next robot war game that we recommend for you to play. This game itself has pretty cool graphics and gameplay.

Upgrade your weapon capabilities so that the robot you pilot has such a deadly attack. Combine your robot with the weapon you want to use.

Size 653MB
Game Advantages Cool graphics with very slick gameplay

3. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade



Next up is the game Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. For gameplay and graphics problems, you could say this game is very satisfying.

Besides being online, you can also play this game offline, guys. Anyway, it’s really fun to play.

Size 552MB
Game Advantages The graphics are gokil and can be played offline

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As the name implies, you can only play this game online. The gameplay of this game is also very interesting and exciting.

The graphics themselves have a very clear appearance. Very fitting to play when filling spare time.

Size 214MB
Game Advantages The gameplay is pretty good, and the graphics are clear

5. Iron Kill: Robot Games

Iron Kill - Robot Games

Iron Kill – Robot Games

Want to try playing fighting games between robots? So Iron Kill: Robot Games this is what you must play guys.

You can fight with players all over the world. Improve the quality of your robot to become the most powerful.

Size 70MB
Excess Very satisfying 3D graphics

6. Transformers: Warriors

Transformers - Warriors

Transformers – Warriors

For those of you who like Transformer robot games, you must try this one game, guys. Fight together Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and more in this one robot game.

Collect other bots that are quite famous like Megatron, Sound Wave, and other iconic ones. Fight with players from all over the world.

Size 83MB
Excess Exciting gameplay and attractive graphics

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Robot Games Best Offline of All Time

1. Robot Bros

Robot Bros

Robot Bros

Love playing adventure games like Mario Bros., but want to try the robot version? Then you really have to try the game Robot Bros this guys.

You are challenged to complete each stage. It takes proper thinking to complete a given stage. This game really tests your thinking skills, guys.

Size 31MB
Game Advantages Cool graphics, challenging to play

2. War Robots 3D

War Robots 3D

War Robots 3D

War Robots 3D become the next offline robot game that you really must try to play. Control your robot so as not to be attacked by enemies.

Attack the opponent using a variety of existing weapons to finish off the enemy in sight. Anyway, this game is really fun to play.

Size 19MB
Game Advantages Graphics are quite OK

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3. Robo Avenger

Robo Avenger

Robo Avenger

Next game is here Robo avengers. In this game you have to destroy all the enemy robots that stand in your way.

Upgrade weapons to become a super tank making it difficult to conquer. Defeat the boss to win this game.

Size 38MB
Game Advantages Exciting gameplay and satisfying graphics

4. MegaBot – Flying Robot Car Transform

MegaBot - Flying Robot Car Transform

MegaBot – Flying Robot Car Transform

Feel the thrill of a car racing game that turns into a robot through games MegaBot this. You are required to race with existing opponents.

Take the mystery box to gain power, transform into a robot to be the fastest. This game is certainly very fun to play when you have free time.

Size 42MB
Game Advantages Satisfying graphics

5. RoboWar – Robot VS Alien



Unique, that’s probably the right word to describe this one robot game. Yep, this one game is packaged very nicely and also cool.

The graphics, which are made like cartoons, are also very fitting, so they display quite funny robot characters. Apart from being offline, you can play this game online, guys.

Size 94MB
Game Advantages Cool cartoon look

Well, those are some recommendations for the best robot games on Android that you can play to fill your spare time. How are you smart? That’s cool, hurry up and download it.

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